Wild Venison Mince & Shortjaw Dark Ale

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We have taken this kiwi classic, doused it in a locally made dark ale to produce a flavourful classic mince pie.

Just like our original steak pie, it’s full of wild venison in a rich flavoursome stew, made with fresh herbs and vegetables. Marked with a pair of antlers.

See below for full ingredients list. Contains gluten, fish and dairy products.


Wild venison, carrots, onions, celery, tomatoes, red wine, black vinegar, garlic, anchovy, lemon, herbs, spices, butter (cream, salt), flour, tapioca starch. *Contains gluten, fish and dairy products.

Consume within five days or freeze. For best results heat in an oven at 160° -180° for 10-15 minutes. If heating from frozen, defrost fully at room temperature before heating. We don't recommend heating pies in a microwave, unless you like a soggy pie!

1 review for Wild Venison Mince & Shortjaw Dark Ale

  1. Nigel

    The Original Venison Mince Pie, an absolute winner.
    This was my second helpings pie, they are just so good, I had already troughed down one, but had to go for a second one, not of this variety, plenty of meat and a superb gravy, lovely pastry, which is something not all pies have, all in all, a splendid lunch.
    If you’re in Westport and looking for a good feed, and who isn’t, this is the pie stop for you.

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