Wild Venison Steak & Monteith’s Hazy IPA Limited Edition

Wild Venison Steak, slow cooked in a rich sauce loaded with Monteith’s Hazy IPA, smoked paprika, garlic, fresh herbs and a hint of chilli.


Wild venison, wheat flour, water, Butter [milk salt] Tapioca starch, Beer, Onion, Tomatoes, carrots, Soy Sauce [contains soy, wheat], Olive oil, Garlic, Herbs & Spices, Pepper, Chilli Flakes, Glaze [milk, eggs]

Contains Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Soy, Egg,. May contain fish from manufacturing.

Consume within five days or freeze. For best results heat in an oven at 160° - 180° for 15-20 minutes. If heating from frozen, defrost fully at room temperature before heating. We don't recommend heating pies in a microwave, unless you like a soggy pie!


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